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Virtual Assistant

Why Do You Need A Helping Hand?

“A Helping hand or A Virtual hand is needed because sometimes our two hands are not enough to tackle everything.” – Or, you can say “A team is needed because one is not enough.” Yes! WERVAS is a team of Virtual Assistants who work as an extra pair of hands to take off the overload & mental stress from you. So the question is, why do you need the support of your Virtual Hand?

  • Have you ever forgot about your daughter’s birthday?
  • Is your partner waiting for you at the dinner table day by day?
  • Are you working at weekends?
  • Do you have to answer multiple phone calls or handle multiple email accounts?
  • Have you forgotten the last long trip date?
  • Don’t you have enough time to spend with your family?
  • After reading these above-mentioned question, if you feel guilty – Then you need Assistance of our virtual hands to get released from the stress. Work-life balance is good for your personal and professional life. All of us need a healthy physical & mental state of life. When you start maintaining your daily-life, everything starts to goes well, you will be on the top of your confidence level and success graph will increase exponentially. That is why WERVAS is trying to decrease your stress level by providing 24/7 Virtual Assistant Services. Once you shake your hand with us, you can balance your personal life as well as your work-life.

    Your Task is Our Responsibility!

    Our Virtual Assistants do every kind of work that your personal assistant does.


    Our VAs give you the best results in less time. We use some advanced researching skill to find out almost every needed data for you.


    We keep an eye on your INBOX and responds to each email at any time. Manage your email in advanced method with us.


    Nowadays Information Technology is an integral part of our life. Our experienced IT Support Executives will give you 24X7 assistance remotely and fix any kind of IT related problems.


    You have to update your Calendar on a regular basis to keep yourself up to date. WERVAS will do that for you so that you never miss out any meeting, party or event.


    WERVAS is best known for this service. We will promote and take care of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, Tumbler which will give a better place to you and your business on social media.


    Our VAs helps you to handle your clients, schedule appointments, organize meetings and many more that you would need in order to run a business successfully. You don't have to engage with your existing clients, we will do that on your behalf and you can use your time to grab new clients.


    Our VAs are available 24/7*365 to receive calls, book tickets, fix appointments. You can build your genuine business contact lists by using cold calling service.


    Before planing for business, you have to create a good marketing strategy. WERVAS do deep and careful market research for your upcoming business so that you can make the maximum profit.


    You can find our creativity in our presentations. We do Powerpoint, Excel, MS Word presentation for professional and personal purpose.

    Check our Plans & Pricing

    WERVAS knows the value of your money and time. That is why we are giving you full flexibility to use your HOURS as per your choice. We have Monthly, Quarterly & Unlimited plans. Depending on your requirement, you can also choose Task Based or Hourly Based plans.


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