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time management for virtual assistant

“Time is money”, a phrase used by Benjamin Franklin in “Advice to a Young Tradesman, Written by an Old One”. The more preferable line can be “Time is more than money” because you can’t use your money to make more time, but you can use your time to make money and much more. From our childhood, we learned about time management. People often say, “I don’t have the time to…”: meet people, make the launch, do exercise, start an organization, blah..blah… Of course, they don’t have time, just because of their undisciplined time management. Just think about them – founder of Google, owner of Microsoft, inventor of social media. We all have the same 24 hours each day. How can they maintain their time and manage everything in their busy schedule? And we don’t have time to make our daily necessary things. It’s all about a proper Time Management.

Time Management is the most powerful key for Virtual Assistants to unlock their destiny. Virtual Assistants work with other business owners, they are helping to grow their customer’s base and build their brands makes you feel good about what you’ve accomplished each day. Employers who are looking to hire their VAs see him as a part of his business so that he can control his time on other priorities in his business. Virtual assistants should be a master in the art of managing time so they won’t work themselves to death. Virtual Assistants need to learn to work smarter and not harder in their business in order to thrive. Here are some tips to help any virtual assistant keep them healthy in mind and keep clients happy at the same time:

  • A Nominated Office: Home is the place where you can sleep well; Office is the place where you can Work well. Most of the Virtual Assistants prefer to work from home, though the home is not a good place to work for the pro. In the home you probably think about relaxing, you can’t get all components in-front of you, you can be distracted by kids or chores, etc. A well-designated office, which is build up with all necessary components. Take a corner of your small house with desk and needed equipment, if you can’t afford a well-built office.
  • Prioritize daily schedule: Wake Up! Fresh Up! Set the schedule for the day! You spend your most of the time by choosing the priority of tasks. When you scheduled your daily activities, you don’t have to think about the next task and you can simply go ahead. Prioritize all tasks is not only save your time but it increases the quality of the task because you can focus on a single task at that moment.
  • Stop Multi-tasking: Concentrate! Concentrate on one task. Texting while walking, sending emails during meetings, chatting on the phone while cooking dinner. Don’t divide your mind into multiple tasks at the same time. Trying to several projects at a time can reduce your quality of work and leave projects half finished or incomplete. Multitasking doesn’t save your time. In reality, it will take you longer to finish all projects when you’re jumping back and forth than it would finish each one separately. So, focused on a single one.
  •  Have a mug of coffee: Taking a short break is good, it’s not affecting your work instead, it helps you to refresh your mind. When you are in a long time project, you may feel hungry, unhealthy, bored – so take a short break, have a cup of coffee, get a snack, walking around. No one works well when the stomach is rumbling. Get outside from your cabin, gives your brain a chance to switch gears, rest, and ultimately increase creatively when you return to tasks at hand.
  • Gum-up the time: Block your time in the busy schedule, so that you can’t waste your valuable time by doing unnecessary things. When you are not Gum-up your time, you are probably wasting a lot of time without realizing it. Try to fix all meeting in the middle of the week, so that you can start and wrap up your week with a fresh mind.
  • Use proper tools: Nowadays there are lots of tools available to decrease your workload, manage your time, faster your work. Here are some important tools for a Virtual Assistant : Google Calendar – To manage your time, Asana – To track your team’s work & manage projects, Skype for Business – Collaborate with anyone on any device, QuickBooks – for accounting, Evernote – To remember and capture everything in your mind, Google Drive – Cloud storage, file backup and sharing, Mailchimp – For Email marketing.
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  1. A helpful article for all vas. Time management is really the most important part of our life, mainly those are work online. If you can add some more points.

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