Is hiring a Virtual Assistant better than hiring a Part-time employee?


We are in Twenty-First and we are much tech savvy nowadays. Hiring a Part-Time employee is a good idea if you are still thinking that you are in the Twentieth Century, or else go ahead by hiring a Virtual Assistant instead of a part-timer.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a better option for an individual as well as for a business owner.

From a Businessman’s point of view: You just started a business with low capital.

Firstly, you need to hire people and to that, you have to have a space with good office decoration for your employees’ comfort. Even you are hiring Part-timer, you have to pay a good amount of salary – but you don’t have that much budget as you have a small capital.

So, just Hire Virtual Assistants from a Virtual Assistant Services Company. You don’t need to look for a Good Office space with all extra decoration and all. About the salary – You can hire a Virtual Assistant at just $4/hour. That’s it!!!

Secondly, if you will hire a Part-time employee, he/she can’t able to fulfill all of your requirement. We all have a piece of limited knowledge, we all are not extraordinary to solve every kind of problems or do all the tasks you have.

But, when you subscribe to Virtual Assistants Services company, they can solve your multiple problems and able to work on any type of tasks which can be solved through the internet. A VA Company is not an individual but a number of VAs working together. When you submit a task, they allocate their best fit VA to work on that task.

Third, Virtual Assistance Services providers are available 24/7, so you can contact them and send task at any point of time. But, your Part-time employee will only be available for a few hours in a day.

From an Individual’s point of view: You have some tasks which may take 10–20 hours. Are you going to hire a Part-timer to do that? How? Will you ask he/she to visit your home and complete the work? If you can do this, then you are fine to call a Part-timer.

What about just a VA Agency and just purchased 10–20 Hours based on your requirement and get your job done? Isn’t it the better option than hiring a part-timer?


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  1. Virtual Assistants | September 15, 2019 at 1:21 am | Reply

    Virtual Assistants offer real value for most organizations – it lets you reduce labor & production costs, expedite transactions and improves service efficiency. Using virtual assistant services is definitely worth considering.

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