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Why select WERVAS over Others to Succeed on Amazon?

There are many virtual assistant services in UAE and over the world. All make bombastic claims with their over the top headlines. But do they really stick to their slogans? No! At least according to their client’s feedback. How affordable they are? We believe, you should not invest a huge amount for this. You need to choose the best affordable virtual assistant services provider. After a thorough study of the needs of the market and the businesses that are there, we have put together the ultimate set of services. All with the aim of bringing you the right results. That is why we have some of the top engineers on our teams, with impeccable expertise in everyone’s field and years of experience backing that up.

Your business needs will be in great hands.

Your Task is Our Responsibility!

The Tasks Your Amazon Virtual Assistant can Complete On Your Behalf

Product Listing

We will list all of the information relating to each of your products most efficiently and effectively, and we do this through Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) or Fulfilment By Merchant (FBM), according to your preferences.

Listing Optimization

To get exposure of your products on Amazon and generate more sales, your product listings need to be well optimized. Our experienced VA's can do that on your behalf and help you to sell your products effectively.

Inventory Management

An integral part of running a business is maintaining your inventory. We will keep track of your stock and the dates of purchase, shipping and re-stock, so that you can be perfectly managed on all areas of your operation.

Bulk Product Upload

Its always better to upload products individually, but if you have lots of products we can upload those products efficiently with our bulk upload tool to save time.

Order Processing and Tracking

It’s not easy to track every order when there are so many different things to remember, so all of these admin tasks can be completed by your trustworthy VA team.

Product Review Requests

Product Reviews matters to establish a seller as a top-rated seller on Amazon. Hence we need reviews for the best ratings. If you want our VA's can handle this section effectively.

Product Image Editing

Images make the difference, so we make sure that all images are uploaded to the right size, they are cropped correctly, the background makes the product clear, and that the right number of images is uploaded. We also do correction on the images to make them prominent.

Managing Discounts, Offers, Coupons and Reward Points

These are useful features of Amazon e-commerce that can help in marketing, so having a VA to do these task can save your time and money.

Amazon Seller Analysis and Market Research

The sellers that succeed on Amazon are the ones that know their market and this is something your VA can do for you, so you can use the data to uplift your business!

Keyword Research

Which are the best keywords for your products to generate the most sales? This is another area of expertise for Virtual Assistants from WERVAS, so you can sit back and watch the sales graph rise.

Amazon PPC Management

If you’re using Pay Per Click advertising for your products, then your VA can deal with this most adequately, so you can pay attention to your strategy.

Amazon Headline Search Ads Management

Headline Search Ads. Headline Search Ads is a high-impact advertising option designed to build brand recognition and help you sell more. If you want to launch a brand on Amazon our VA's can help you in it.

Check our Plans & Pricing

WERVAS know the value of your money and time. That is why we are giving you full flexibility to use your HOURS as per your choice. We have Monthly, Quaterly & Unlimited plans. Depends on your requirement, you can also choose Task Based or Hourly Based plans.


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